In order to treat all our customers fairly and equally, Louth Playgoers Society Ltd have adopted the following policies for ticket reservations and refunds.
These policies are broadly in line with most theatre box office policies.


All tickets must be paid for at the time of booking. If the booking cannot be paid for at the time AND the performance is more than 5 working days away, then tickets can be reserved and paid for within that period.

Tickets not paid for will be cancelled from the system and immediate request for payment will be made for productions deemed to be ‘selling out’ under all circumstances.

For late bookings payment ‘on the night’ may be allowed (not for ‘sell out’ productions)
on the understanding that customers attend the Box office and pay for those tickets
at least 15 minutes before curtain up -  after this time the tickets will be sold on request.


All tickets sold through this box office are non-refundable.
We have a re-sale policy which we are prepared to offer provided that:
·  The customer accepts that there is no guarantee of the re-sale of any or all of the tickets returned.
· The customer accepts that the tickets may be sold at a lesser face value than originally paid.
· We cannot attempt to resell any ticket unless our allocation of tickets for that production has been used—i.e the performances is ‘sold out’
· All re-sales are subject to a 50p PER TICKET administration charge
· All refunds will be made and approved by our day time box office staff and not by our production box office staff.