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Choice Grenfell

Choice Grenfell presented by Kick in the Head Productions

Friday 28th February

Tickets £12.00, TheatreCards £10.50


Choice Grenfell is a full length show celebrating the life of Joyce Grenfell during the 40th anniversary year of her death.  The show will provide a completely unique view into the life of Joyce Grenfell through the eyes of her much respected friend, and Musical Director, William Blezard. Starting with a depiction of a rehearsal in Act 1 and then segues into the full performance in Act 2.  Kick in the Head have been given access to personal letters and hours of interview recordings from William Blezard in order to make this show as authentic as possible.


Act 1 – The Rehearsal

The production opens with a completely blank stage except for a piano. Joyce and William arrive as if they are turning up at an empty theatre for a rehearsal before the performance. As Joyce rehearses songs and monologues, the dialogue between the characters provides the opportunity for us to learn about Joyce Grenfell’s life, the type of lady she was and her relationship with William Blezard, her longstanding and trusted pianist and Musical Director. The dialogue for this act has been written by acclaimed playwright Simon Downing using extensive material kindly provided by the family of William Blezard.

Act – 2 The Performance

The second half of the show is the performance! The stage is now set, make up is on and the audience are now given the full Joyce Grenfell performance.

Our aim with the show is celebrate the life and work of a great lady. In order to do this we have been given access to personal letters and hours of interview recordings of the man who knew her as well as anyone. At Kick In The Head we didn’t want to produce just another show trotting out songs and monologues in a ‘tribute band format’. We wanted to produce a piece of theatre that gives people an understanding of the lady herself as well as celebrating her marvellous work.