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Mimi and the Mountain Dragon

Mimi and the Mountain Dragon presented by Skewbald Theatre

Tuesday 18th February 12.30pm

Tickets £9.50 Under 16s £6.00, TheatreCards £8.00

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This winter join Skewbald Theatre for a festive story packed full of adventure, snow and dragons! With lively songs, magical puppets and plenty of audience interaction.

Round a campfire sit two storytellers with a thrilling tale to tell, that of Mimi and her Dragon........

High up in the snowy mountains of Switzerland, the villagers of Dorta bang their drums, blow their horns and ring the bells to keep the fearsome Mountain Dragon away.

But this year is different. One snowy morning Mimi discovers something extraordinary- a baby dragon sleeping in her woodshed! The little creature is lost and frightened but how did he get there and what happens when his mother comes looking for him?

Mimi must be extremely brave if she is going to reach the Dragon’s castle at the very top of the mountain and return the baby to its mother.

Skewbald Theatre magically bring to life Michael Morpurgo’s beautifully atmospheric tale of Mimi and the Mountain Dragon.

Suitable for families and children aged 3+ and everyone who loves stories.

Directed/Adapted for the stage by Hayley Byfield & Tory Sandars

Book, Music & Lyrics by Caroline Wigmore & Jen Green

Puppet Design by Jessica Kay

Adapted from the book Mimi and the Mountain Dragon by Michael Morpurgo with Illustrations by Helen Stephens