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Welcome to our School Play by Emily Clegg

Welcome to our School Play

Thursday 4th - Saturday 6th July 7.30pm

Tickets £5.50

Welcome to our school play.jpg

Co-Produced by Hambledon Productions and Louth Playgoers Society

Directed by John Hewer

It’s a new year at Oak Academy and Headteacher Mrs. Wilson is determined to get the school back on track. What better way than with an all-singing, all-dancing Christmas Extravaganza?!

But, as the old saying goes, you should never work with children or animals, and with Harmony’s off-key singing; Billy’s stage-fright; and Damien living up to his namesake, the show looks set to be a disaster.

Will a Christmas miracle save the show at the last possible moment? Probably not.

Will the parents love it anyway? Of course they will!

Will the teachers still be sober when the curtain falls? Don’t hold your breath…

Emily’s script won the audience vote at Scratch Night 2018.