Riverhead Producers – Mondays 5-7pm

We are a group of creative young people who plan and run our own events at the Louth Playgoers Riverhead Theatre. We currently specialise in Comedy and music bit are always open to new members and new ideas! We aim to bring new talent to a new audience and engage young people with their local theatre.

The Riverhead Producers are a group of local young people aged 16-25 who create, plan and run music and comedy events at the theatre. The group is open to anyone aged 16-25 years who may be interested in any aspect of theatre programming, arts event management and marketing. Many of the current group members are also talented musicians and artists as well as looking to careers in marketing and events or having a passion to create more events for their local community.

The group works closely with the theatre staff and volunteers, and is facilitated through Lincolnshire One Venues Young People’s Programme. The group meets on Mondays from 5-7pm weekly and is led each week by John Hewer, who has been the Riverhead Theatre’s Senior Summer Workshop Director for the last 10 years, producing shows such as Grease, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Bugsy Malone. He is also the founder of Hambledon Productions and has successfully toured the UK with his Tommy Cooper show : Just Like That, and also his tribute to Steptoe and Son. As well as performing and Directing, John leads the theatre’s Scriptwriting Workshops which culminate in a Scratch Night where the audience vote for the script they would like to see as a full play the next year, and John then aids the winning script writer to produce the full play. He has a wealth of knowledge ready to pass on and is keen to share it with the younger generation to keep The Arts alive in years to come.

The members gain valuable skills in real project management, marketing and communications and working with professional partnerships. The group’s activities also develop team work, compromise, self-motivation and management of responsibilities. By developing these skills the participants gain confidence in themselves and their creative ideas and this in turn aids their future development and careers.

For more information please ask at the theatre or call 01507 600350
Or get in touch with John Hewer on john@hambledonproductions.com