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Count Dracula Auditions

           Count Dracula Auditions

Audition Date Wednesday 5th June 7.30pm

Show dates Monday 7th - Saturday 12th October 2019 7.30pm

Director Pamela Whalley

Dracula, the original Vampire, is newly arrived from Transylvania. Suave, sinister, sophisticated, he is invited into Dr Seward's Gothic home/ lunatic asylum. Let the fun commence.

I hope to develop this script into a tongue-in-cheek, fun filled production, as the blundering household offer no match for the menacing Count Dracula.

Come  with me and explore the outer limits of your talents.

Do not be afraid....I will have plenty of garlic at hand!!


COUNT DRACULA                           Suave and sophisticated. 25-55

DR ARTHUR SEWARD                     A mature gentleman

SYBIL SEWARD his sister                Also Mature. Drinks a lot of sherry. Has the hots      

     for Count Dracula. Batty character

HENNESSEY                                     Dr Seward's 'man'. Does everything. Possibly

    the only grounded person in the play. Butler type.

MINA                                                   Dr Seward's young ward. Lurches from a drip to  a vamp

JONATHAN HARKER                        Mina's fiance. An intense young Lawyer.  25-40

HEINRICH VAN HELSING               Mature Professor. Dishevelled. Requires good comic timing    

RENFIELD                                            A lunatic. Young and agile girl

WESLEY                                              A stiff no nonsense Matron

For any questions regarding roles or if you would like to look at a script please contact

Pammie on 07707 670391

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