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Glorious! Auditions

Glorious! The True Story of Florence Foster Jenkins The Worst Singer in the World! Auditions

Audition Date Tuesday 18th June 7.30pm

Show dates Monday 4th - Saturday 9th November 2019 7.30pm

Director Viv Ranick

This heart-warming hilarious play is based on the true story of Florence Foster Jenkins, known as the worst singer in the world! This joyous and deluded lady, ignored her critics and had a circle of devoted friends, who sometimes were almost as eccentric as she was.

Set in 1944 New York, the play moves through Florence’s charity recitals through to a bizarre studio recording session to her ultimate triumphant concert at Carnegie Hall.

Cast: 4 females 2 men

Florence Foster Jenkins (60’s)

A fabulously wealthy American lady. Full of self belief, she has spent her life promoting music and the arts. She established and financed many charitable foundations. Florence is deluded about her vocal talent , ‘Madam Jenkins’ sings beautifully off key but she only hears the “beautiful cadences” of her voice!

St Clair Byfield (60’s)

Florence’s long standing, English boyfriend. He is an actor who came to America to make his fortune. He is suave, debonnaire and theatrical.

Cosme McMoon (30’s)

A pianist. Cosme is witty and slightly effeminate.

Dorothy (60’s)

Florence’s closest friend.


Florence and St Clair’s Mexican Cook/ housekeeper. Maria is a disgruntled, Spanish speaking lady who is not adverse to banging pots and pans around and using very colourful language!

Mrs Verrinder-Gedge (50-60)

A feisty, American socialite; a critic of Florence.

For more information contact Viv on 01507 462899, 07975969710 or email

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