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Christmas Double Bill Auditions

Christmas Double Bill

“Twas The Night Before Christmas” by Ken Ludwig and “LPS Christmas Spectacular”

Show Dates 4th - 8th DECEMBER 2018 7pm Nightly also Sat 2pm Matinee

Director – Frances Brindle

Act 1 It’s Christmas Eve and Uncle Brierly, decides to give the children a treat by reciting the poem “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” However, he doesn’t get very far, as he is interrupted by a mouse named Amos, who has his own version of the poem. He is indeed stirring (literally!) while making cookies for Santa, who he insists skipped their house the previous year. Uncle Brierly argues with Amos about this until Emily, Brierly’s niece and Amos’s best friend, shows up and supports Amos’ story. They insist that Santa did not, in fact, visit their house last year, and they are fearful that he will not stop by this year either. When it seems that no one will believe them, an elf named Calliope appears and assures them that several houses are going unmapped, and the numbers are growing. The problem is that Santa does not believe that this is happening. It seems that it is up to Amos, Emily, and Calliope to venture to the North Pole and get proof that will convince Santa of the problem, find a solution —and save Christmas!

Cast Requirements: 3M 2F

Uncle Brierly - Male aged 50+. Think Brian Blessed, but American!

Amos/ Amos of Kansas - a Mouse who also plays his own identical cousin. Male, Will consider aged 20+ Ideally can do a New York accent and a Southern American drawl to play each character

Emily - Female, aged 10 in the script but will consider slightly older. Must be able to do an American accent.

Calliope - Female, Aged 18+. Calliope is a very determined Elf-B-I agent! For Calliope a different accent may be considered.

Mulch - Male, Mulch can be played very deadpan. I imagine him to have a Brummie accent similar to Timothy Spall

Sir Guy of Gisbourne - Male, Loud and swash buckling, English

Britannia Sneed- Female is nutty as a fruitcake and ideally would be played with an American accent

Wendell Sneed - Male, Crazy American,

Santa Claus - Male aged 40+.Santa Claus is how you imagine Santa to be, genuinely lovely.

Parts can be doubled or cast singularly depending on auditionees.

Act 2 is  Full of Christmas song, dance, sketches, jokes and general cheer, this will be a step up from the Christmas Concert of 2015 which was a sell out success. Sparkle and shine and festive frolics to truly get you into the Christmas Spirit. All participants must love Christmas and the joy it brings. No grinches allowed!

Cast Required:

Singers and Solo singers (Must be able to sing Christmas Carols in 4 part Harmony)

Dancers (High kicks and tap shoes at the ready!)

Actors (Comedy sketches feature in this show)

Comedians (people who can tell a one-liner well)

A Chorus who most of the show is centred around, they feature in most numbers.

This show is for adults and children to enjoy, so both are welcome to audition.

It is a show that it centred around the chorus, they are integral to all parts of the show and there is lots for them to do

Rehearsal Dates will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays. To begin with one evening a week will be for the play part, and one evening will be for the concert part. As time gets closer and we need to run the full show, both casts nights will be needed both nights.

Respectfully we ask that if you wish to audition for a principal Role in the Pantomime that you do not audition for this show. Despite our best efforts there will be a rehearsal clash and so although we believe we can share the Pantomime Chorus members without too much disruption to either show, it is not possible to share Pantomime Principals!


For any enquiries please contact Frances Brindle via email at

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