Aladdin Auditions
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Aladdin Auditions

Aladdin Auditions

Audition Date Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th September 7.00pm

Show dates Friday 10th - Sunday 19th January 2020

Weeknights 7.00pm, Saturdays 1pm and 6pm and Sundays 11am and 4pm. (No performances Monday 13th or Tuesday 14th)

Director Michelle Browne

Musical Director Joel Browne

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The Government Inspector Auditions
7:30 PM19:30

The Government Inspector Auditions

The Government Inspector by Nikolai Gogol

Audition Date Tuesday 19th November 7.30pm

Show dates Monday 6th - Saturday 11th April 2020 7.30pm

Director Pamela Whalley

There are many who say this is one of the best plays ever written. Well, it is certainly hugely entertaining and very funny. It transcends time with its theme of greed and personal gain. Set in a remote town in Russia (strangely reminiscent of Louth), cut off from any Government interference in St Petersburg. Corruption is rife. But then they get wind of a Government Inspector on his way to the town and the mayhem starts.

The play demands a large ensemble cast. So whether you like a large part, a small part, a walk on, no lines at all or just a bit of business, it is up to you. Come and have a go and I can promise you a lot of fun and satisfaction.

P.S.  Don't worry about The Russian names we will shorten them as we go along.


MAYOR                                                   An older man. Pompous and about to made a fool of.

ANNA  his wife                                      Also pompous. Disappointed with married life stuck in a backwater.

MARYA   their daughter                        Naive and neglected. 16+

These four aid and abet the Mayor    30+

BOBCHINSKY & DOBCHINSKY                                 

Very  funny people. I would like them to be female. Any age but similar.

KLESTAKOV                                            A minor civil servant from St Petersburg 30+

OSIP                                                         His servant. Clever, funny, needs good comic timing. 50+

MISHKA & AVDOTYA                               Mayor's servants. Any age

WAITER at the inn                                  Any age. Could be male or female


CONSTABLE                                          Any age

POSTMISTRESS                                   40 ish

There are about 14 other characters who can double up. We can build these roles to suit your skills.



07707 670391

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Oliver! Auditions
9:00 AM09:00

Oliver! Auditions

Oliver! Auditions

Audition Date Sunday 24th November

9.30am for Children,  2pm for Adults

Show dates Tuesday 12th - Saturday 23rd May 2020 7.30pm Weeknights, Saturdays 2.30pm and 7.30pm (No performance Sunday 17th)

Director Jamie Harris

Musical Director Keith Weston

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Glorious! Auditions
7:30 PM19:30

Glorious! Auditions

Glorious! The True Story of Florence Foster Jenkins The Worst Singer in the World! Auditions

Audition Date Tuesday 18th June 7.30pm

Show dates Monday 4th - Saturday 9th November 2019 7.30pm

Director Viv Ranick

This heart-warming hilarious play is based on the true story of Florence Foster Jenkins, known as the worst singer in the world! This joyous and deluded lady, ignored her critics and had a circle of devoted friends, who sometimes were almost as eccentric as she was.

Set in 1944 New York, the play moves through Florence’s charity recitals through to a bizarre studio recording session to her ultimate triumphant concert at Carnegie Hall.

Cast: 4 females 2 men

Florence Foster Jenkins (60’s)

A fabulously wealthy American lady. Full of self belief, she has spent her life promoting music and the arts. She established and financed many charitable foundations. Florence is deluded about her vocal talent , ‘Madam Jenkins’ sings beautifully off key but she only hears the “beautiful cadences” of her voice!

St Clair Byfield (60’s)

Florence’s long standing, English boyfriend. He is an actor who came to America to make his fortune. He is suave, debonnaire and theatrical.

Cosme McMoon (30’s)

A pianist. Cosme is witty and slightly effeminate.

Dorothy (60’s)

Florence’s closest friend.


Florence and St Clair’s Mexican Cook/ housekeeper. Maria is a disgruntled, Spanish speaking lady who is not adverse to banging pots and pans around and using very colourful language!

Mrs Verrinder-Gedge (50-60)

A feisty, American socialite; a critic of Florence.

For more information contact Viv on 01507 462899, 07975969710 or email

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Local Affairs Auditions
7:30 PM19:30

Local Affairs Auditions

Local Affairs Auditions

Audition Date Monday 17th June 7.30pm

Show dates Monday 2nd - Saturday 7th December 2019 7.30pm

Director Rob Mapletoft

Local Affairs,  by Richard Harris is a comedy romp set in three houses but all use the same set, it will be fast paced but a lot of fun!

Cast required:  5 ladies, 4 gentlemen:

Norma, 30-50 - housewife, organised, appears mousey

Mrs Hinson, 60’s+ - battle-axe, cunning and a bit deaf, which she uses to her advantage at times

Susan, 20-30 - young mum who is trying to reinvigorate her marriage as the kids are away, feels out of place in their new house

Hilary, 30-40 - just returned from a health farm, desperate to lose weight, hates her mother in law

Katy, late teens - 25, bouncy, attractive, flirty with Keith

Charles, 40-60 - Doctor, husband of Norma, single-mindedly focused on creating the perfect fancy dress costume for the upcoming party.

David, 30-50 – only son of Mrs Hinson, indulgent of his mother, trying to keep her and his wife (Hilary) apart

Keith, 20-30 – Husband of Susan, trying to avoid Katy after a previous fling

Peter, 30-50 – Doctor, bit of a player, likes the ladies.

Rehearsals will be Monday and Tuesdays at 7.30pm starting on 19 August, and every weeknight and the Sunday before the play week which is 2-7 December.

For more information contact the director, Rob Mapletoft on

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Count Dracula Auditions
7:30 PM19:30

Count Dracula Auditions

           Count Dracula Auditions

Audition Date Wednesday 5th June 7.30pm

Show dates Monday 7th - Saturday 12th October 2019 7.30pm

Director Pamela Whalley

Dracula, the original Vampire, is newly arrived from Transylvania. Suave, sinister, sophisticated, he is invited into Dr Seward's Gothic home/ lunatic asylum. Let the fun commence.

I hope to develop this script into a tongue-in-cheek, fun filled production, as the blundering household offer no match for the menacing Count Dracula.

Come  with me and explore the outer limits of your talents.

Do not be afraid....I will have plenty of garlic at hand!!


COUNT DRACULA                           Suave and sophisticated. 25-55

DR ARTHUR SEWARD                     A mature gentleman

SYBIL SEWARD his sister                Also Mature. Drinks a lot of sherry. Has the hots      

     for Count Dracula. Batty character

HENNESSEY                                     Dr Seward's 'man'. Does everything. Possibly

    the only grounded person in the play. Butler type.

MINA                                                   Dr Seward's young ward. Lurches from a drip to  a vamp

JONATHAN HARKER                        Mina's fiance. An intense young Lawyer.  25-40

HEINRICH VAN HELSING               Mature Professor. Dishevelled. Requires good comic timing    

RENFIELD                                            A lunatic. Young and agile girl

WESLEY                                              A stiff no nonsense Matron

For any questions regarding roles or if you would like to look at a script please contact

Pammie on 07707 670391

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2:00 PM14:00

West End versus Broadway sign up / Auditions

Auditions / Sign up for this year’s Summer Concert will be Sunday 24th March at 2pm.

The Show Date is Saturday 13th July with two shows at 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Rehearsal nights will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4th June, with one Sunday rehearsal on 9th June.

Those who would like to be in the Chorus, need only to attend and sign up.

If you’d like to sing a solo in the show (the full list of musical numbers will be released on the night of auditions) we’ll ask you to sing one of the following:

I could have danced all night - Music
I could have danced all night - Lyrics

Maybe this time - Music
Maybe this time - Lyrics

This is the moment - Music
This is the moment - Lyrics

When I grow up - Music
When I grow up - Demo
When I grow up - Lyrics

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7:30 PM19:30

Welcome to our School Play Auditions


Auditions for Welcome to our School Play by Emily Clegg, the winner of the Scriptwriting Workshop 2018, will take place on Monday 18th March at 7.30pm in the Studio.

The Show Dates are Thursday 4th, Friday 5th and Saturday 6th July 2019 in the Studio

A new classroom comedy by Emily Clegg
Winning script from 'Scratch Night 2019'

It’s a brand new year at Oak Academy and headteacher Mrs. Wilson is determined to get the school back on track! And what better way to do it than with an all-singing, all-dancing Christmas Extravaganza!

But, as the old saying goes, you should never work with children or animals, and with Harmony’s off-key singing; Billy’s stage-fright; and Damien living up to his infamous namesake, the show looks set to be a disaster. Will a Christmas miracle save the show at the last possible moment? Probably not. Will the parents love it anyway? Of course they will! Will the teachers still be sober when the curtain falls? Don’t hold your breath…

6F, 2M, age range 20s-60s
(Of these, 3F and 1M will be required to multirole as the schoolchildren. To great comic effect.)




Please email the director, John Hewer, on should you require any further information at this point.

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1:00 PM13:00

Oklahoma! Auditions

“Oklahoma!” by Rodgers & Hammerstein

Producer/Director – Jamie Harris Musical Director – Keith Weston

Choreographer – Nicky Wright

Show Dates 13th - 25th MAY 2019 7.30pm Nightly (No performance Sun 19th)

Rehearsal days – TUES/WEDS/THURS W/C 21ST JAN 2018**You will only be called to rehearsal when needed.


Audition timings and material including libretto, music and lyrics is available here:

Rodgers & Hammerstein's first collaboration remains, in many ways,
their most innovative, having set the standards and having
established the rules of musical theatre that are still being
followed today. Set in a Western Indian territory just after the turn
of the century, the high-spirited rivalry between the local farmers
and cowboys provides the colourful background against which Curly, a
handsome cowboy, and Laurey, a winsome farm girl, play out their love
story. Although the road to true love never runs smooth, with these
two headstrong romantics holding the reins, love's journey is as
bumpy as a surrey ride down a country road. Featuring such classics
as "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" "I Cain't Say No" "The Farmer And
The Cowman" and the title song, this epic Musical is one not to miss!

For all enquiries please contact Jamie Harris on

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7:30 PM19:30

Loot Auditions

“Loot” by Joe Orton

Directors - Holly and Rob Mapletoft

Show Dates 8th - 13th APRIL 2019

A masterpiece of black farce, Loot follows the fortunes of two young thieves. Dennis works for an undertaker. Hal's old Mum has just died. They rob the bank next door to the funeral parlour and find just the place to hide the loot. With the money hidden in Mum's coffin, there's no place for Mum whose body keeps re-appearing at the most inopportune times. When Inspector Truscott turns up, the already thickened plot goes topsy-turvy. Rarely performed in the amateur theatre scene, Louth Playgoers are proud to present one of the most famous plays of its generation.


Loot –
A Joe Orton play tells of a theft,
With a rich widower left bereft.
What can the thieves do with the plunder?
With a funeral to attend, it leads us to wonder.
A coffin, a hearse, a body, a nurse,
Two thieves, one son, could it get worse?
Hey it the sixties, don’t be a square,
Come see which criminals are caught in the snare.

1 female :
Fay– 20’s-40’s, blonde bombshell, serial bride, catholic nurse.
4 males:
McLeavy – 50’s-70’s, Irish widower
Hal – 20’s-30’s, stupid, child of the sixties, full of love and grooviness
Dennis – 20’s-30’s, hearse driver, child of sixties, in love with Fay
Truscott – Inspector, 40’s-70’s, great at deduction, suspicious

All the audition pieces can be found here - CLICK HERE

For enquiries please contact Holly on  or phone 01507 609295, or 07944424924

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7:30 PM19:30

The Diary of Anne Frank Auditions

“The Diary Of Anne Frank” by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

Director –Susan Hewer

Audition starts at 7.30pm, please arrive at 7pm ready for a 7.30pm start.

Show Dates 11th- 16th MARCH 2019

Few more poignant true stories emerged from World War II than the diary of young Anne Frank. Published afterwards in 1950 by her father, the only family survivor, it records the minutiae of twenty-five months that two Jewish families spent in hiding from the Gestapo in an Amsterdam warehouse attic. The constant secrecy, growing hunger and friction of living in such cramped conditions could not dull Anne's vibrant personality or her passion for living. Whether you’re an Anne Frank expert, have read her diary or merely know the name, this production will bring to life one of the most famous stories ever recorded. School bookings encouraged. 

"When I write I can shake off all my cares.  My sorrow disappears, my spirits are revived.  But, and that's a big question, will I ever be able to write something great, will I ever become a journalist or a writer?"  (Anne Frank, 5th April 1944)

Cast requirements are as follows:

Females: 5 (ages 13 to mid 40s)
Males: 5 (ages  16 to  mid 50s)

For any enquiries please contact Susan Hewer on 07591 545 709 or

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to Sep 18

Jack and The Beanstalk Pantomime Auditions

Jack And The Beanstalk” by Alan Frayn

Directed by Laura Harris & Sophie Grundy-Holmes. Musical Director Joel Browne

Join our hero Jack, his mother Dame Dotty, and brother Simple Simon and of course Buttermilk the Cow as they adventure up the Beanstalk that has mysteriously grown in their backyard. Who or what will they find at the top? This sparkling new version of the fun filled family pantomime is certain to banish boredom. What better way to kick the winter blues than with a trip to the Theatre: Abundant audience participation, visual comedy and traditional pantomime antics are guaranteed, together with two particularly havoc-prone Broker’s Men, Snatchet and Scarper, and the King, Queen and Princess, and the eternal battle between good and evil. This pantomime is great fun for all ages whether you’re 4 or 104!!

Show Dates Friday 11th - Sunday 20th JANUARY 2019 

  • Weekday evening performances at 7pm
  • Saturday and Sunday performances 1pm and 6pm
  • No performances on Mon 14th or Tues 15th January

Audition Information

  • Junior Chorus Auditions are 7.00 to 7.30 pm both nights.
  • Adult Chorus and Principal auditions from 7.30 pm onwards.

Cast Requirements:

  • Jack - (Male Age 18-30) Bright, plucky, confident young man. AUDITION PIECE 1 AUDITION PIECE 2
  • Dame Dotty Dimple - (Male Age 25+) Typical Pantomime Dame, Jack’s Mother, a poor dairy farmer. AUDITION PIECE
  • Simple Simon - (Male or Female Age 18+) Jack’s daft brother! AUDITION PIECE
  • Piccalilli - (Female Age 30+) Wicked Witch type character, typical Pantomime baddie, slightly tongue in cheek. AUDITION PIECE
  • Fairy Sugardust - (Female Age 18+) Typical sweet pantomime fairy, like a Fairy Godmother. AUDITION PIECE
  • Rancid the Ratman - (Male Age 25+) The local rat catcher who becomes the giant’s henchman- a comedy baddie. AUDITION PIECE
  • King Crumble - (Male Age 30+) Princess Charlotte’s Father, somewhat henpecked and a bit of ditherer. AUDITION PIECE
  • Queen Apricot - (Female Age 30+) Princess Charlotte’s Mother, a little brighter and worldlier than the King. AUDITION PIECE
  • Princess Charlotte - (Female Age 18-25) Young Princess, kind and innocent, daughter of the King Crumble and Queen Apricot. AUDITION PIECE
  • Snatchet & Scarper - (Male or Female Age 18+) Comedy duo, the Brokers men, Snatchet is the more idiotic of the two. AUDITION PIECE
  • Junior Chorus - Ages 7- 16 (Year 11) - Chorus 1 Audition Song 'Wake Up'
  • Adult Chorus - Ages 16+ (Year 12) - Chorus 2 Audition Song 'Colour My World'
  • Buttermilk, Humphrey and Buster Gut-Bucket - These roles will be cast at a later date.

All principal and chorus roles require some singing ability. Some roles require a stronger ability than others.

All the music tracks and lyrics can be found here:

Rehearsals will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays

For information please contact Laura on or Sophie on

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to Jun 19

Christmas Double Bill Auditions

Christmas Double Bill

“Twas The Night Before Christmas” by Ken Ludwig and “LPS Christmas Spectacular”

Show Dates 4th - 8th DECEMBER 2018 7pm Nightly also Sat 2pm Matinee

Director – Frances Brindle

Act 1 It’s Christmas Eve and Uncle Brierly, decides to give the children a treat by reciting the poem “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” However, he doesn’t get very far, as he is interrupted by a mouse named Amos, who has his own version of the poem. He is indeed stirring (literally!) while making cookies for Santa, who he insists skipped their house the previous year. Uncle Brierly argues with Amos about this until Emily, Brierly’s niece and Amos’s best friend, shows up and supports Amos’ story. They insist that Santa did not, in fact, visit their house last year, and they are fearful that he will not stop by this year either. When it seems that no one will believe them, an elf named Calliope appears and assures them that several houses are going unmapped, and the numbers are growing. The problem is that Santa does not believe that this is happening. It seems that it is up to Amos, Emily, and Calliope to venture to the North Pole and get proof that will convince Santa of the problem, find a solution —and save Christmas!

Cast Requirements: 3M 2F

Uncle Brierly - Male aged 50+. Think Brian Blessed, but American!

Amos/ Amos of Kansas - a Mouse who also plays his own identical cousin. Male, Will consider aged 20+ Ideally can do a New York accent and a Southern American drawl to play each character

Emily - Female, aged 10 in the script but will consider slightly older. Must be able to do an American accent.

Calliope - Female, Aged 18+. Calliope is a very determined Elf-B-I agent! For Calliope a different accent may be considered.

Mulch - Male, Mulch can be played very deadpan. I imagine him to have a Brummie accent similar to Timothy Spall

Sir Guy of Gisbourne - Male, Loud and swash buckling, English

Britannia Sneed- Female is nutty as a fruitcake and ideally would be played with an American accent

Wendell Sneed - Male, Crazy American,

Santa Claus - Male aged 40+.Santa Claus is how you imagine Santa to be, genuinely lovely.

Parts can be doubled or cast singularly depending on auditionees.

Act 2 is  Full of Christmas song, dance, sketches, jokes and general cheer, this will be a step up from the Christmas Concert of 2015 which was a sell out success. Sparkle and shine and festive frolics to truly get you into the Christmas Spirit. All participants must love Christmas and the joy it brings. No grinches allowed!

Cast Required:

Singers and Solo singers (Must be able to sing Christmas Carols in 4 part Harmony)

Dancers (High kicks and tap shoes at the ready!)

Actors (Comedy sketches feature in this show)

Comedians (people who can tell a one-liner well)

A Chorus who most of the show is centred around, they feature in most numbers.

This show is for adults and children to enjoy, so both are welcome to audition.

It is a show that it centred around the chorus, they are integral to all parts of the show and there is lots for them to do

Rehearsal Dates will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays. To begin with one evening a week will be for the play part, and one evening will be for the concert part. As time gets closer and we need to run the full show, both casts nights will be needed both nights.

Respectfully we ask that if you wish to audition for a principal Role in the Pantomime that you do not audition for this show. Despite our best efforts there will be a rehearsal clash and so although we believe we can share the Pantomime Chorus members without too much disruption to either show, it is not possible to share Pantomime Principals!


For any enquiries please contact Frances Brindle via email at

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to Jun 12

Little Shop Of Horrors Auditions

Little Shop Of Horrors” by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman

Director – Susan Munro Musical Director – Joel Browne

Show dates: Mon 5th - Sat 10th November 2018

A deviously delicious Broadway and Hollywood sci-fi smash musical, Little Shop Of Horrors has devoured the hearts of theatre goers for over 30 years. Howard Ashman and Alan Menken (Disney's The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast, and Aladdin) are the creative geniuses behind what has become one of the most popular shows in the world. In this gleefully gruesome musical which has made audiences scream with laughter, Seymour, a poor florist's assistant, allows his craving for fame and fortune to seduce him into playing nursemaid to a man-eating plant he names "Audrey II” This foul-mouthed, R&B-singing carnivore promises unending fame and fortune to the down and out Seymour as long as he keeps feeding it, BLOOD. Goings on surrounding the growing plant's demand for more, MORE are accompanied by witty parodies of sixties music including such classics as “Suddenly Seymour” “Somewhere That’s Green” and of course the title song. Remember whatever you do, DON’T FEED THE PLANT!

Rehearsal nights Monday & Wednesday

Auditionees to be aged 18 and over only please.

Cast Requirements: 5 x Males - 4 x Females


Seymour - Male : Meek flower shop assistant. 

Audrey - Female : Co-worker in flower shop.

Mushnik- Older Male : Jewish flower shop owner

Audrey II / Drunk II- Male : Main Puppeteer plus walk on drunk- preferable Bass singing range

Multiple 5 Role - Male : Orin, motor biker dentist - Bernstein, media man - Mrs Luce, editors wife - Skip Snip, agent & Martin, botanical marketing man.

Crystal- Female: Singer

Ronnette - Female : Singer

Chiffon - Female : Singer

Drunk I / voice over man - Male : Non singing


For any enquiries please email Sue Munro at

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7:30 PM19:30

Steel Magnolias Auditions

“Steel Magnolias” by Robert Harling

Director – Ashley Stevens

Show Dates Mon 8th - Sat 13th October 2018

Set in a beauty parlour in Louisiana, Clairee, Ousier, M’Lynn and Shelby – Truvy’s regular customers – and Annelle, her eager but inexperienced assistant, engage in small town gossip, running the gamut of the birth/marriage/death cycle. Turned into a film in 1989 starring Julia Roberts, Sally Field and Dolly Parton, this classic play will have you in both fits of laughter and tears as you become immersed in the comic yet turbulent lives of these southern women.


Casting is for 6 women.

Truvy Jones 40ish owner of the beauty shop.

Annelle Dupuy -Desoto 19 beauty shop assistant.

Claire Belcher widow of the former mayor. Grand lady 66 ish.

Shelby Eatenton -Latcherie prettiest girl in town 25.

M'Lynn Eatenton -Latcherie 50 ish Shelby s mother.

Ouiser 66ish wealthy curmudgeon but lovable


Rehearsals will be Tuesdays and Thursdays

For any enquiries please contact Ashley Stevens on

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Auditions - Musical Memories - Through the Decades
7:30 PM19:30
7:30 PM19:30

Auditions - Turn of the Screw

Auditions will be held at the theatre on Tuesday 14th November 2017 for our April production 'The Turn of the Screw', a ghost story adapted by Ken Whitmore from an original story by the famous author, Henry James.

The play will be directed by Chris Rozier who many of you may now from Louth shows over the past few years.

The show has a total of 7 characters, two of whom are children, a boy aged approximately 10 called Miles and a girl of about 8 named Flora. Others are the children's benefactor, Mr. Crimond (who only appears for a short period at the start of the play), an adult male ghost and an adult female ghost (both non-speaking parts), and the remaining principal roles (female) comprising of the housekeeper, Mrs Grose, and the children's governess, Miss Grey.

The action takes place in a lonely large house in the country called Bly. Mr. Crimond pays all the expenses of the house and leaves his wards, the children, to be educated.  The only one stipulation is that he is never to be contacted.  Shortly after her arrival Miss Grey sees ghosts in the house but, surprisingly, no-one else seems bothered about this. The tale continues to take many ghostly twists ultimately ending in tragedy.

It is hoped to have a read through of the play with the successful cast just before Christmas with rehearsals taking place throughout some of January plus February and March. Rehearsals will take place twice weekly (days to be decided) from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. 

The production dates are 9th to 14th April 2018.

If you interested in auditioning for this show please join us on 14th November for what should be an exciting production.

Any questions please email Chris Rozier on


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7:30 PM19:30

Auditions Hi-De-Hi!

Hi De Hi to all you potential actors, Audition time is here!!

Come along to The Riverhead Theatre on Tues Nov 7th at 7.30pm for a chance to star in the March production Hi De Hi.

Show dates 12th - 17th March 2018
The characters are as in the BBC show:

Gladys Pugh (Welsh)
9 males : assorted; rough and posh
8 females “lots of legs on show”

If you would like to see a script telephone Sue Soper on 01472 753759
or email

Come and be part of the yellow coat team in this fun show. New actors always welcome , so if you have got it, flaunt it. Looking forward to seeing you!

Hi De Hi!

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to Sep 26

Auditions - Snow White

  • Louth Riverhead Theatre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

We would like to invite to our open auditions for our annual pantomime.

All Children auditions (Chorus and Dwarfs) will be from 6.30pm to 8pm on both days. All adult chorus and Principal parts will be audition from 8pm


A Traditional Pantomime by John Hewer and Jeremy Smith

We are looking for children aged 7 and above to play the Seven Dwarfs. We also need a chorus of all ages (minimum age 7) to support the following characters: 

Snow White – Female, minimum age 18

Olivia – Snow White’s friend – Female, similar age to Snow White

Glad Tidings – Good Fairy – Female, minimum age 16

Queen Esmerelda – Snow White’s wicked Stepmother – Female, age 30-50

Willie Eckeslike – Queen Esmerelda’s servant – Male, minimum age 16

Prince Charming – Male or Female, minimum age 18

Courtney Fish – Dame – Male, any age

Magic Mirror – Male or Female, any age

Phil McCavity – Comedy duo, Decorators – Male, minimum age 18

Tyler Wall – Comedy duo, Decorators – Male, minimum age 18

Seven Dwarfs - Bossy, Jokey, Sneezy, Grumbly, Nervy, Snoozy, Dippy

All audition pieces and songs can be found by clicking HERE

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